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A 16oz bottle of tisbe, apocyclops, tigriopus, euterpina, pseudodiaptomus and parvocalanus. 3,000+pods per bottle.


And a 16 oz bottle of rotifers.


Microcrustaceans such as amphipods, isopods and copepods are a vital component of nearly every aquatic ecosystem on Earth being the most abundant and the most nutricious in the animal world. Each consumes detritus and film algae boosting the efficiency of any clean-up crew as well as feeding corals and small fishes such dragonets, seahorses, anthias etc with their healthy protein amino acid enriched bodies.Copepods vary in size from just a few microns up to 53+ microns. What you can see with the naked eye are fully formed breeding adult's. Juveniles and larval stages can't be seen by the naked eye and need to be under a range of 100×-300x microscope to be seen . Temperature acclimation can be done by floating the bottles or leaving them sit out at room temperature for 30 minutes. We strongly suggest feeding our live phytoplankton blend nightly when these pods come out to feed to increase pod populations.

K&P Copepod(6 species) and Rotifers

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  • We use UPS 1-2 day for live food shipments. To minimize the risk of shipping delays we ship on Tuesday or Wednesdays only after contacting you, which we will do via email after Checkout. Your tracking information will also be sent via email as soon as your order has been packaged and delivered to our local UPS location. If you require a shipping day other than Tuesday or Wednesday, please contact us so we can discuss other options.  Please note that before we ship any order out we check the weather in our area as well as the weather in your area to ensure livefood travels as safely as possible without delay. However, we do understand that there are always the possibillities of delays so for that reason we cover ANY livefood that arrive dead. All we require is just that pictures are taken and sent to us within 1-2 days of your package arriving. 

  • Float pod bottle till they match the tanks temp. For use as coral and fish food pour bottle into tank during day. To seed tank add bottle to tank as lights go out or can be poured half in sump and half in tank. Many pods will still survive no matter the time of day fed and will continue to populate the tank and help keep the tank cleaner overall. 

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