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Choosing Your Tank!

Things To Consider

  • Your Goals For The Tank

    • The species of fish you wish to keep can determine the size of tank you are wanting to get​.

    • The species of coral you wish to keep, as they will need space from other species. 

  • The Space In Your Home For The Tank  

    • The majority of people in this hobby begin by choosing small tanks and end up getting a larger size.  By planning ahead, a lot of money can be saved. Some species of coral and fish can grow quickly and your tank will fill up fast! Larger tanks are generally easier to maintain stability, but we have many easy nano tanks. It's all about what you choose to get and how you set up your ecosystem within the tank. ​

    • For larger tanks we recommend the largest you can fit nicely in your desired space.

    • For smaller tanks, both the area for the tank and the species you wish to keep will factor into the size of nano tank you are looking for.

In our personal opinion, we prefer tanks without curved edges for easy maintenance and cleaning.

All In One (AIO) VS. Tanks with Sumps

All In One tanks (AIO) are aquariums that have a back chamber to hide filtration.

These tanks are very easy to setup and use and can sit on a sturdy stand, desk or table. These are some of our favorite starter tanks!

In general, sumps are built in the stand below the tank. These have holes that are drilled in the back to hook up plumbing to a tank below to hide a refugium, heater, skimmer and/or other filtration equipment. 

Sumps can also add more water volume if needed for tanks in smaller spaces to help with stability. 

Our Recommendations

Innovative Marine

Innovative marine tanks.png
  1. Low Iron Glass (High Clarity, No Tint)

  2. Beautiful Rimless Look

  3. All In One (AIO) Tanks 

  4. The Pro 2 bundles come with a Custom Caddy Media basket with replacement media, a filter sock, dual return nozzle, magnet glass cleaner, screen lid, water level risers, and the Mighty Jet Adjustable DC return pump for a quick and easy setup 

Waterbox Aquariums

Waterbox tanks.png
  1. Low Iron Glass (High Clarity, No Tint)

  2. Beautiful Rimless Look

  3. All tanks come with plywood cabinet stand, baffled glass sump, and easy-to-assemble no glue plumbing. 

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