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Originating from Southern Australia and New Zealand, this species is captive bred here at K&P Aquaculture.

This species of limpet have a thin flat shell covered by their black flesh.

*Not to be confused with the black keyhole limpet which has a circle of black flesh in the center of its white shell on its back. *

This snail goes by a few names: Australian False Limpet Snail, elephant snail, ducksbill limpet or Rori.

This particular species are herbivores, feeding on micro algaes, film algaes and some macro algaes like ulva. These animals are nocturnal coming out of spaces within the rocks to feed and returning back to the same “home base” once finished.

We have not had issues with them eating certain species of macro algaes such as Caulerpa species, red grape, and halymenia and have not observed issues with any corals. These are a cool snail that can reach up to at least 4” in size!

Elephant snail (Scutus Breviculus)

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