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Roughly 2”-3”.

A beautiful variation of the Rose Bubble Anemone with white webbing inside a dark base with bright red or pink tentacles. This Anemone was a natural split grown in captivity for many years. Bubble Tip Anemones have sweeper tentacles that can harm organisms around it. They require moderate to high lighting (PAR 150 +) with moderate to high flow. When adding them to your tank it is best to turn off powerheads for at least 30 min to allow the anemone to settle in. They will relocate themselves as they are sessile organisms. They will accept a number of foods such as powder foods, meaty foods like mysis, krill, and brine shrimp. Anemones can self propagate under stress or overfeeding and will split themselves in half.

Aquacultured Black Widow Anemone

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All corals at K&P Aquaculture specified as aquacultured have been tank raised under Aquaillumination and Red Sea LEDs. Our parameters are kept relatively stable using dosing pumps distributing Calcium supplements in the morning and alkalinity supplements at night.

    • Salinity 33-35 (specific gravity 1.024-1.026)
    • Alkalinity 8.4-9.0
    • Calcium 420-440
    • Magnesium 1300-1400
    • Nitrate 2-4 ppm
    • Phosphate Below 0.05
  • We use Priority Overnight for coral delivery and we ship on Tuesday and Wednesday only after contacting you, which we will do via email with order and shipping specific information prior to shipment. Monday is the most likely day for delays, and Thursday delays result in Monday deliveries; therefore we ship on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you require a shipping day other than Tuesday or Wednesday, contact us with any questions or requests. Tracking information will be sent to the buyer as soon as the order has been shipped. We check the weather in our area, the weather in your area, and the Memphis FedEX hub to help ensure a timely shipment, however we are not responsible for delays.

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