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This is a pack deal for subscriptions.

16 oz (six species of copepods), 16 oz L-Rotifers and Phytoplankton bottle size of your choosing for subscription! Copepods, Rotifers and Phytoplankton are vital sources of food for much of the marine ecosystem. Producing fatty acids corals consume for healthier tissue and coloration as well as increasing the nutrition of pods and populations to help keep tank cleaner. Phyto feeds on nitrates, phosphates and CO2, decreasing nutrient load and reoxygenating the tank helping to stabilize pH. Outcompete other types of algae for food helping to reduce micro algae in the tank.Every bottle is packed per order. There is a lot of work that goes into each bottle because we pack each bottle specifically for each individual order. Pods are filtered and added to clean fresh saltwater to ensure its at its healthiest and freshest for every customer! (Please note that the phytoplankton in photo is a 32oz. You will have to select your desired bottle size and strain of phytoplankton with the options we have available.)

1Pod Bottle, 1 Rotifer and 1 Phytoplankton Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
Weekly Subscription
Subscribe and Save 15%!
$56.95every week until canceled
Monthly Subscription
Subscribe and Save 10%!
$60.30every month until canceled
Every 2 Weeks
Subscribe and Save 15%!
$56.95every 2 weeks until canceled
  • Float pod bottle till they match the tanks temp. For use as coral and fish food pour bottle into tank during day. To seed tank add bottle to tank as lights go out or can be poured half in sump and half in tank. Many pods will still survive no matter the time of day fed and will continue to populate the tank and help keep the tank cleaner overall. 

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