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Each order will contain a minimum of 20 Aquilonastra Sea stars.

These sea stars are in the asterinidae family and only reach about 2 cm in size. They reproduce asexually by a process known as fissiparous reproduction. They prefer coarse substrate and rockwork to hide in and feed on coralline, bacterial (Cyanobacteria) and algal films, as well as detritus and other organic waste.

They can survive temps as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit and are a very hardy species that spend most of their time cleaning hard surfaces of waste.

Sea stars feed by expelling their stomachs (known as eversion); the digestive enzymes that break down food which can irritate and kill coral. We recommend keeping flow high enough in the tank to not allow detritus and other decay to settle on a coral. Buildup can cause starfish to spend too much time in one area and this is when corals begin to get irritated.

Aquilonastra Sea Stars

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  • We use UPS 1-2 day for our live foods shipment. To minimize the risk of shipping delays we ship on Tuesday or Wednesdays only after contacting you, which we will do via email after Checkout. Your tracking information will also be sent via email as soon as your order has been packaged and delivered to our local UPS location. If you require a shipping day other than Tuesday or Wednesday, please contact us so we can discuss other options.  Please note that before we ship any order out we check the weather in our area as well as the weather in your area to ensure live food travels as safely as possible without delay. However, we do understand that there are always the possibillities of delays so for that reason we cover ANY live foods that arrive dead. All we require is just that pictures are taken and sent to us within 1-2 days of your package arriving. 

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