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WYSIWYG* Anacropora forbesi (briar coral) is a delicate thin branching hard coral that has proven to be a resilient aquacultured species and can tolerate a wider range of lighting and flow than most sps corals. We have found them to grow best in moderate to high lighting (PAR 200-250) with high indirect flow to get the best growth and color. Anacropora forbesi are pretty cool! They have digestive strands that release threadlike tissue with toxins instead of stinging tentacles to kill corals that it comes in contact with.

Our SPS corals are broadcast fed a variety of rotifers and phytoplankton species to ensure healthy tissue and color.

This species is found throughout the Indo Pacific in both areas of shallow fast moving water and in depths as low as 60 feet with slower flow particularly in places like Fiji, Madagascar, Marshall Islands and Australia.

Anacropora forbesi (TNT anacropora)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All corals at K&P Aquaculture have been tank raised under Aquaillumination and Red Sea LEDs. Our parameters are kept relatively stable using dosing pumps distributing Calcium supplements in the morning and alkalinity supplements at night.

    • Salinity 1.024-1.026
    • Alkalinity 8.4-9.0
    • Calcium 420-440
    • Magnesium 1300-1400
    • Nitrate 2-4 ppm
    • Phosphate 0.05-0.01
  • We use UPS Overnight for coral shipment. To minimize the risk of shipping delays we ship on Tuesday or Wednesdays only after contacting you, which we will do via email after Checkout. Your tracking information will also be sent via email as soon as your order has been packaged and delivered to our local UPS location. If you require a shipping day other than Tuesday or Wednesday, please contact us so we can discuss other options.  Please note that before we ship any order out we check the weather in our area as well as the weather in your area to ensure livestock travels as safely as possible without delay. However, we do understand that there are always the possibillities of delays so for that reason we cover ANY livestock that arrive dead. All we require is just that pictures are taken and sent to us within 1-2 days of your package arriving. 

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